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Commenting news : Update Version 1.199!

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Posted at Feb 29 2020 8:39AM

Hello Ciryon 2 players!
Today is the big day of the update.
These are the new updates.

Update version 1.199!

01. Added 4 New Avatar Dress Female: Warrior of Hell, Skin Dark Lux, Project Katarina and Project Fiora.
02. Added 2 New Avatar Dress Male: Project Master Yi and Project Lucian.
03. Added 5 New Uniques: Mustafa, Light Spirit, Dark Spirit, Khulood and Karkadann.
04. Added 3 New Attack Pet: Uruchi, Ciryon´s Mad Demon and Blue Dragon.
05. Added 1 Grap Pet: Togui Doll.
06. Double Cash / Hour Event is over.
07. New intro with new music.
08. Added Capture The Flag (BETA)
09 Security Patch.
10. Database backup.

About Capture the Flag: Capture The Flag will start every 2 hours and should only increase the fun. Of course there are small rewards.

The new uniques: The problem is, when the new uniques are inserted and the server is started, all 5 new uniques spawn on one spot. Therefore I will remove all 5 for the first time so that the new uniques will only spawn in 6 hours randomly on the Silkroad map.

The pictures of the avatars, pets and uniques can be found on the website under FAQ & INFO (Some Q&A)

The update is at 13:00 server time.

I wish you much fun !!!!!

GM Ciryon


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Item drop: 2x
SOX drop: 1x
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